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Mel's Story

Image Melissa Matthews lost her brother Tony to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas grill in 1999.

“I’ll always remember the day things changed forever. The moment the phone rang to say the emergency services were at Tony’s flat, I knew something terrible had happened. My mum went to check what was going on while I stayed at home with my dad as I had school the next day.

“A couple of hours later I found out my brother had died. He had put some bread under his gas grill, which was faulty, only to forget about it and went to bed. While he was sleeping the fault grill was seeping carbon monoxide into his flat which poisoned him and he never woke up.

“His death changed everything and I'd do anything to have him back, but the most I can do now is to raise awareness of carbon monoxide and its dangers. One of the hardest things was seeing my family experiencing this pain and knowing nothing could be done to reverse it. Even more frustrating was knowing that something could have been done to prevent his death – installing an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

“Tony was a great person: he was a loving dad, caring son, awesome brother and fantastic friend, who could always make you smile.”

Melissa on the GMTV sofa with Kirstie Allsopp talking about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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