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Stacey's Story

Image On the morning of the 20th of February 2004, I shouted for Dominic (aged 10) to get up and get ready for school, and there was no reply. I shouted again, still nothing, so I decided to go in and wake him. Before I knew it I was shaking and phoning 999. The Paramedics came and ran upstairs. Seconds later they were walking down, saying “I’m sorry love." I knew at this point I was never going to see my son again.

At this point I didn’t know what had happened to Dominic, and remember pulling my hair, and rocking my body. The Coroner phoned at 1 o’clock to say that Dominic had died from carbon monoxide poisoning. I had to turn to my family and ask what this was, as it was something I have never heard of before – my brother said it is a killer, a poison. Then silence in the room approached.

It wasn’t until the days went on that I realized not only could I have been killed as well, but the carbon monoxide didn’t even come from any gas or fossil fuel appliances in my house, but came from next door's house. It had seeped through brickwork and into his bedroom as he slept.

I felt guilty and blamed myself for the death of my son. Meeting the other CO Angels has helped me loads over the years, in a comforting way, and hope the work we do and have been doing will carry on for years more!

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