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Vikki's Story

Image Bob died of carbon monoxide poisoning from poor chimney maintenance whereby a flue got blocked and there was nowhere for the carbon monoxide to go other than around the house whilst Bob slept! 

I remember Bob telling me he felt unwell and had flu like symptoms and that he was off to bed for the afternoon.  I never thought anything about it at the time and that night I tried his mobile a few times and then the landline but there was no answer.  I just presumed he was asleep and knocked out with flu or a virus. Sunday morning I woke feeling something wasn’t right I had the feeling in my stomach and went round to see him.  There was no answer when I was shouting and banging on doors so I decided to call my friend who is a Policeman. 

“What happened next was my friend found Bob dead in his bed and that day changed my life forever. Friends had to be told, his brother in Liverpool and parents in Austria. Some four months later it was confirmed that he died of carbon monoxide poisoning and we were finally able to lay him to rest.   

“Bob’s death resulted in a mother losing her son, a man losing his brother, an unborn baby never knowing her funny, witty kind uncle and me losing my soul mate.  This could have been prevented if Bob has simply had an audible CO alarm in his house.  The alarm would have triggered and he could have left the house!  “This story along with Stacey’s and Melissa’s shows how things could have been different and why we don’t want this to happen anymore.