Its easy to stay safe from carbon monoxide!

Make sure you stay safe from carbon monoxide (CO) on holiday

Whether you are staying in a tent, caravan, villa, hotel, B&B or boat make sure that you and your family stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning when on holiday. Following these simple steps below could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Camping and Caravanning

  • Never take a barbecue into a tent, caravan or motorhome. A warm smouldering barbecue will give off poisonous carbon monoxide which can kill quickly and without warning, as it has no smell or taste

  • Never place a lit barbecue near the sleeping area outside your tent

  • Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or awning. Gas and kerosene heaters – unless they are permanently fitted in a caravan or motorhome – should only be used outside. Stoves and barbecues are designed for cooking not space heating

  • Never run a gas-, petrol- or diesel-powered generator inside a caravan, motorhome, tent or awning

  • Don’t cook with a stove inside your tent or awning, unless there’s an area specifically designed for this purpose and you’re sure there is adequate ventilation. To work safely gas, meths and petrol stoves need more ventilation than your tent or awning is designed to provide and there’s also the risk of fire

Holiday Homes

  • Ask if the gas appliance in your holiday accommodation have been safety checked and serviced. If you are holiday in the UK this is a legal requirement for holiday homes and caravans so you ask the landlord for an up to date gas safety record

  • Look out for the signs that a gas appliance that might not be working properly and could be producing carbon monoxide:

    • black marks or stains around the appliance
    • lazy orange or yellow flames instead of crisp blue flames
    • condensation

Never take a barbecue into your tent. Its not worth the risk!

Remember to pack a CO alarm to take away with you on holiday to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
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